New blogger

Hey everyone, I’m Blogged Out BlackGirl and I’m a new blogger. I need help getting followers! If you can help me out by following my blog and giving me tips on how I can be successful with blogging or picking up traffic I’d appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “New blogger

  1. Nice blog, just some tips you may want to consider to draw audience.
    1. In as much you want to be informal try to be professional in your writing/post. You don’t need big vocabularies to do that, but you can do that by avoiding colloquials and other social media languages such as “shit” “fuck” “wassup”. The way you write tells a whole lot about you. For example, in one of your posts, you said you are a beast when it comes to braiding, however not everyone will understand that you meant you’re very good and flawless at hair braiding.
    2. To draw audience you have to post what you think your audience will like to read that is, your post will have to solve a problem through your blog’s niche.
    3. Also, you have to focus your blog on a particular area and not random posts like social media platforms. Blogging is a social media platform too but a professional one.
    I hope this helps.

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