My first piece of advice

Parental advice

As parents we know our children pick up on alot that comes out our mouths; things that goes on in your household. So you feel like you need to watch my mouth; in some cases yes, most definitely, absolutely! But in alot of cases, no you should not! I’m a firm believer that my child, that I birthed, clothe, feed and shelter has to follow my rules.

  1. Don’t say what I say, do what I say!
  2. Don’t do what I do, do what I say!

First things first is demanding respect from your kids, not asking for respect; listening to what you as a parent say is a lesson all children need to learn to do when dealing with people with they will always have to listen to something throughout their journey to adulthood.

In order to follow directions you have to listen up; listening up is recipe to learning!

Valuable advice

New blogger

Hey everyone, I’m Blogged Out BlackGirl and I’m a new blogger. I need help getting followers! If you can help me out by following my blog and giving me tips on how I can be successful with blogging or picking up traffic I’d appreciate it.